When are Social Security Benefits Paid?

After you apply for social security benefits a notice is sent with a date that you should receive the payment. The birth date of record is what determines the date of payment; if you are the worker applying for social security benefits it will be your birthdate. If you are the spouse of the worker, their birthdate is used to determine the date of payments.

The Social Security Administration Office has a calendar of schedules for benefit payments. Once the date is determined, it may not change, although there may be an opportunity to volunteer under certain circumstances for change; the change however is random and does not allow the beneficiary to select the change date. One exception to the change regulations is if a new record of entitlement occurs.

Here’s a glimpse of how it a calendar of birth dates and benefits paid outs

1st - 10th Second Wednesday
11th - 20th Third Wednesday
21st - 31st Fourth Wednesday

The date you receive social security benefit payments has no effect on the method used to determine the amount of payment for eligible retirees and disabled beneficiaries. Social security recipients have a choice of two methods in receiving payments. Either a direct deposit or paper check; recommendations for direct deposit are first choice. Payments are made directly into a bank account from the federal government.

The funds are accessible immediately to the beneficiary once the deposits are credited by the bank. If paper checks are the choice, the checks will remain valid for 12 months. The Social Security Administration must receive notice of any change of address as soon as possible to prevent either late or lost payment checks.

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