When Am I Eligible To Receive Social Security Benefits?

The main purpose of Social Security disability benefits is to help people who have disabilities that hinder them from taking care of themselves. Some of these people rely on this help permanently for the rest of their lives, while some others are fortunate enough to recover allowing them to give up the free help.

Who Are Eligible For Social Security Disability Benefit?

If a person is thinking about applying for such disability help, he or she should have sufficient understanding on how the SSA evaluates possible candidates. One way to start the process to visit a doctor and acquire certification that one is considered as an invalid person either temporarily or permanently. One of the rudimentary reasons that one is eligible for Social Security disability benefit is a person should have a disability that hinders them from getting a job and earning income. Legally recognized disabilities are varied, and are not limited to physical incapability. Psychological disorders are also grounds for application approval.

Aspect That Influences Approval

When applying for eligibility, the job or work history is an important role. For possible applicants who are located in the United States, one of the requirements is that one must have worked for at least five years before the disability occurred. Additionally, the establishment that they are previously working is paying Social Security taxes.

Importance Of Medical Report

A detailed medical report is one of the biggest requirements on getting approved for a Social Security disability benefit. A medical report must clearly state that the person is having complications that prevent him or her from acquiring a normal job and earning an income. Most approvals are granted for application in which the applicant has a physical or mental disability that may last 12 months or more.

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