What Will My Social Security Disability Monthly Payments Will Be?

The Social Security Administration has a program called Social Security Benefits in which a person or a family member can apply if one has suffered a work related injury or work related severe medical condition that results to the inability to do competent work. The application and approval vary, but the average is you will start receiving your benefits on a monthly basis after six months after the application is approved.

Monthly Social Security Disability Benefit

The amount you will receive as Social Security Benefit varies from person to person since the number is calculated basing on your averaged lifetime income. However, the Social Security Administration made it easier for everyone to arrive at his or her close monthly benefit estimate by providing a SSA benefit calculator that is available on their website. However, here is some Substantial Gainful Activity average – for non-blind: $1000 per month, for blind: $1,650 per month, for Trial Work Period – $700 per month.

What Other Benefits Are There

Depending on your situation, you receive other benefits on top of your monthly amount. Here are a few of the most common ones. For people who are at least 65 years of age, they are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Food stamps and Medicaid is other acquirable benefits. There are also government-sponsored programs that allow you to go to work and earn a good amount of income like the Ticket to Work Program. Medicare is another benefit that you can acquire, but this benefit will only be made available after two years of receiving disability benefits.

Family Members And Social Security Disability Benefit

There are certain conditions that family members of the disabled person can receive benefits. There are lots of these conditions, you can get more information by talking to an SSA representative.

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