What Types Of Social Security Cards Does SSA Issue?

The Social Security Administration issues cards to people who apply for social security numbers. Three different types of lawful cards exist, depending upon what the applicant needs the card for. It is a way of proving to people who need to see it that one has a valid social security number such as employers.

Types of Social Security Cards Are The Unrestricted Access To Work Cards

One of the types of social security cards the SSA issues only contains the name of the person and the social security number. This card is issued to American citizens and those who have entered the country legally and are permanent legal residents. This card allows the person who possesses it the ability to work with unrestricted access anywhere in the country.

The Department of Homeland Security Approves The Social Security Card

The next of the types of social security cards the SSA issues also contains the applicant’s name and social security number, but it is issued to people who are in the country legally on a temporary basis. The purpose of these applicants’ entry into the United States is to complete a job. In order to receive this type of card, applicants need to have been approved to be in the country by the Department of Homeland Security.

Social Security Cards The DHS Does Not Need To Approve

Those who need to have a social security card, but did not come to the United States for the purpose of working, have the option of applying for the third type of social security card. This card gives people in the country legally but without the Department of Homeland Security’s consent to work the social security number they need for non-work related reasons.

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