What Happens With Our Social Security If My Spouse Or I Die?

A certain percentage of workers incomes are paid into the social security fund on a monthly basis. This amount is then used to pay monthly benefits to retired persons as well as survivors of people who have died. Therefore, anyone who has been paying social security taxes, at the time of their death, their spouse or other family members are eligible to receive monthly benefits. However, the amount they’ll receive is dependent on how much the deceased person paid into the system.

Benefit Payments To Spouses

A widow or widower is eligible to receive full social security benefits of their deceased partner when they’ve attained the required retirement age. The surviving spouse is also eligible to receive benefits if they are taking care of a child younger than required adulthood age (16 or 18Years) or a disabled child. However, partial benefits can be paid in certain special circumstances by the surviving spouse. The benefits paid are 100% of the deceased benefits.

Payments To Children

The children of a deceased person under the age of 16 years are also eligible to receive benefits from the social security fund through a surviving spouse. However, children over 16 years but fewer than 19 years of age can receive benefits but under a different set of rules. However, disabled children over the age of 18 years are still eligible to receive continuous survivor benefits. Benefits paid to children are 75% of that of the deceased person.

Social Security Benefits Paid To Other Relatives

Relatives eligible to social security benefits of a deceased person include dependent parents who have been receiving at least 50% of their support from the deceased and some cases divorced spouses who they had been married for at least 10 years. Further information regarding social security benefits after a person’s death is available on the hyperlinks above and other online sites.

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