What Can My Social Security Office Help Me With?

Local social security offices provide many services to their clients. The office handles the initial application process when someone applies dor social security disability, social security insurance, or their social security retirement benefits. A number of offices offer additional services that their clients find useful. This can include limited financial planning, access to tax planners, and information on how to contact service agencies in the area that the office serves. The offices also handle Medicare claims in addition to its handling of social security paperwork.

Differing Sizes of Social Security Officers

Not every social security office offers the same services to clients. Larger offices can offer the hearings for clients. Other just handle the process of application. The offices that handle the cases have slightly larger buildings than the offices that just handle the paperwork. Larger offices have separate waiting areas for people awaiting the hearing and those filing the paperwork. Other services include handling the questions of people calling in. Larger offices do not process large Medicare claims. Often what Medicare will pay for and what it does not paid for are spelled out. The staff can help a person located the paperwork if necessary.

The Social Security Office Provides Government Publications

A person who does not feel comfortable getting information from the Internet or who wants a hard copy of the information in the red book can go into his local social security office and find this information. His local Agency on Aging probably provides the same information that the social security office does. The office can also enroll a person who wants to participate in the Ticket to Work program. The ticket to work program provides incentives to people who want to work by easing some of the restrictions social security places on the employment rules.

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