If One Spouse Dies Can The Other Receive Their Social Security?

As a widow or widower you may be eligible for the social security benefits if one spouse dies. To receive the social security benefits, if one spouse dies, the surviving spouse needs to reach retirement age and the deceased spouse needs to have worked long enough to make the required social security contributions.

Surviving Spouse

If one spouse dies, the surviving spouse may receive full benefits at their full age of retirement, which varies depending on the birth date of the surviving spouse. The widow or widower may also be eligible is they are the caretaker of an adopted or natural child who is 16 years of age or younger of the deceased spouse.

If the surviving spouse reaches the full of retirement and is collecting social security under their own worker’s account, they may be eligible for the higher benefit but not necessary both benefits. If you remarry after the age of 60 or 50 if disabled, you may still be eligible for survivor’s benefits if the deceased worker’s record has met the contribution amounts.

Benefit Distribution

If one spouse dies, social security will make a one-time payment if the deceased spouse worked long enough to contribute the deductions into their account throughout their lifetime. The benefit amounts may be adjusted if a pension is received and there were no contributions to social security from these earnings.

The benefits of social security depend on the average lifetime contributions into the worker’s account. The Social Security Administration can verify the amount of benefits according to their eligibility requirements. It’s important to read the statement mailed each year, the statement provides information about the estimated retirement benefits.

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  1. carolyn says:

    A neighbor of mine whose husband died this summer was told that she could not receive survivor’s benefits because her husband was 61 and had not yet retired.

    An attorney told her this. Is this true?

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