I Have Never Worked But My Spouse Has. What Will My Benefits Be?

Many women stay home and raise their children. They never work outside the home. It is a very honorable way to live, but it could create problems for retirement. In order to claim social security benefits, you need to have worked for a certain period of time. If not, you will apply under your husbands social security benefits. You need to be at least 62 years old to apply and your husband will have to be claiming his benefits.

It Is Easy To Apply Online

You can go to the Social Security website and they will give you all the directions to apply for your benefits. They can give you an estimate online. If your husband is not taking his benefits, you will have to wait. You will not receive anything until he successfully applies for benefits. He will need to be at least 62 to receive his and at that age will not receive full benefits. He may want to wait until he is 66 and he will be able to get the full benefit. At age 66, he can continue to have an income and receive the full amount of the benefit.

How Much Money Will I Get?

The Social Security system is very fair to people who have not worked outside the home and married to someone who has. You will receive one half of the amount he gets as a benefit. In other words, if he gets $1,800. a month, you will collect $900. as your benefit. It is a very good system and most people are happy to find out they are going to receive a benefit. The women could be the main bread earner and the man the person who has never worked. It operates on the same principle. Everyone should check with the Social Security System to see what they qualify for. Most people will be presently surprised.

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