How Much Money Will I Receive Through Social Security?

Benefits from the social security fund are an important source of revenue; among others, for individuals after they have been retired. Therefore, it is quite important for an individual to have a distinct idea of how much they are going to receive through social security benefits when planning for their retirement. However, it is important to note that the amount of benefits received is determined by the age at which an individual decides to retire.

Full Benefits Received

This class of social security benefit is received by those individuals who retire at the normal required retirement age specified by law.

Reduced Benefits Received

Those individuals who opt to take on earlier retirement, as opposed to the retiring age required by law, only get to receive reduced benefits from the social security fund.

Bonus Benefits

This class of social security benefits is received by individuals who decide to take on later retirement as opposed to that stipulated by law; hence, end up delaying receipt of their benefits. An individual ends up receiving a bonus amount of money for each year of work past their normal required retirement age.

Facts About Amounts Received Through Social Security

The social security benefits are usually not guaranteed since changes are usually made to ensure the system remains solvent in the future. However, the amount of money paid by an individual into the fund also determines the benefits an individual will receive afterwards. One can also decide to contact their social security association and obtain a statement. This is a more accurate projection of an individual’s benefits as they contain the exact history of an individual’s earnings. More so, there are online calculators available which can aid in computing how much an individual can get through the social security.

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