How long will my Social Security Disability Benefits be paid to me?

Social security disability benefits are paid to individuals who have worked in recent years. Normally, an individual would have to have worked five out of the last ten years, prior to applying for social security benefits. However, this requirement changes for individuals who are below the age of 31, since these applicants have not been in the work force for long. Once an individual has undergone a medical examination by a doctor and has been approved for social security disability payments by the social service administration, that individual is entitled to social security benefit payments up until they are no longer disabled or they return to work.

How Long Does Social Security Benefit Last?

The time period which an individual requires to heal or to be found no longer in need of social security disability benefits payments are determined by how long their disability is anticipated to last which depends on the medical providers statement on the individuals disability. A medical provider may lengthen this term up to the program maximal point that is generally placed at thirty nine weeks for elective cover and fifty two weeks for non-elective coverage.

Period Of Time It Would Take Social Security To Pay Social Security Benefits

Generally, an individual’s social security disability benefits checks should start coming in around one or two months after the approval of their application. However, it will take an additional several months for their entire benefits to be paid. It is necessary for individuals applying for social security benefits to be patient as the bureaucratic maneuvers involving social security disability benefits payments take several months. If the social security disability applicant has other income or returns to work part time during their benefit period, they can receive a partial benefit for longer than 52 weeks.

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