How is Social Security protecting Social Security numbers?

Of course, security of identity is of paramount importance to the social security and that is why they make sure that all numbers are now secure and are not used arbitrarily by other departments. For example, the social security numbers, also called the SSNs are no longer used on the driving licenses. They are also not used on checks and other documents. The essence of this is to make sure that when such mailings are lost, no unauthorized person can access the social security number.

Stringent Measures To Curb Identity Theft And Social SSN Loss

To curb theft even more, the social security has brought into place stringent measures like the verification of birth records that is very involving. This means that every minute detail is put under scrutiny and therefore chances of misfiling any information are simply non-existent. There are is also now a set limit on the number of replacement social security cards that one can go for. In addition, it is impossible to forge the social security card as the printing techniques used by the Commissioner of Social Security are absolutely foolproof. Daily, social security is also exploring new avenues and methods in the market to make the social security numbers even more secure. One of this is to make sure that duplication is practically impossible.

Social Security Numbers Are 100% Secure Today

Owing to the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Act of 2004, there are new measures that are being adopted every day to make sure that the social security numbers are very secure. There are many details put into the card, some of which are visible to the eye and many others that are invisible. The federal government is daily exploring ways in which the different states can safeguard the social security numbers. As of now, the social security numbers are very secure.

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