How do Social Security disability payments work?

If you are employed, then it is likely that your employer is taking a small percentage from your earnings for the Social Security Fund. These payments are beneficial, as they are a source of income when you retire. However, there are many people who believe that social security is only for retiree’s when really it serves other important services too, such as for disabled people.

How Social Security Disability Payments Work

One who is not able to work will be qualified as a disabled person, and they may be eligible to receive social security disability payments. However, there are some rules that need to be followed when one seeks to have their social security disability payments. The age the worker is at when they become disabled, and the nature of their disability all contribute to their eligibility of social security disability payments. The social security disability payments begin five months after a worker has been disabled, and they will stop after the worker is fit to return to work.

Who Makes The Decision That A Worker Is Disabled?

The state social security agency is the where the decision as to whether a worker is disabled or not is made, this is before they can receive their social security disability payments. A disabled person will have to fill out an application which would be taken to the Disability Determination Services in their State. The workers doctor will be consulted to find out the following information; what treatment the worker has received, what the medical tests have shown, what your medical condition is, when the medical condition began, and how the medical condition limits the worker’s abilities.

How The Worker Can Know If They Qualify

Once a decision has been made by the state agency, one will be contacted as to whether they can receive the social security disability payments or not. If the disabled worker disagrees with the decision, then they are at liberty to appeal the decision.

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