How Do I Find My Local Social Security Office?

If a person needs to find his local social security office, he needs to go on a grand quest where he will face a killer rabbit, a trivia challenge on a bridge, medieval knights who repeat an annoying phrase, and a logical challenge where he must prove or disprove someone is a witch by seeing if the accused weighs as much as a duck. Even if the searcher passes all of these challenges, there is no guarantee he will find the Social Security Office or the Holy Grail. Monty Python fans will understand the above references. People who do not enjoy British humor will find the following information about how to find the local social security office more useful.

Where To Find the Local Social Security Office

There are a number of ways a person can find his local social security office. The quickest is going online and searching for sites near his zip code on the website. The second way is to call the 800 number for Social Security and get the address of the local office. The oldest and low-tech option to find a person’s local social security office is to look in the blue pages of the local phone book. The phone book lists the address and phone number.

What If There Is Not A Social Security Office Near Me?

If a person lives in a small town or a rural area, he may face quite a drive to get to the nearest social security office. In many cases, the social security officer will reimburse the cost of gas for official trips. A person who lives in a large city or a state capital may find that he can simply hop on the local public transportation services to get where he or she needs to go.

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