How Do I Apply For Social Security Disability?

Review Social Security Checklist

You can easily apply for social security disability by simply filling out the appropriate information online. To begin, look at the adult disabilities checklist to see if what materials you will need to apply for social security disability online. If you served in the military, you will need military service discharge information. and you will need to include all periods of active duty. Get out your W-2 Form from last year. Include your social security number for yourself, your spouse and your children. Bring your checking account and bank routing number, which will be used to directly deposit your benefits.

Gather Medical Information

You must include all of the details related to any treatment you received, including the dates of treatment, the doctors you have seen when applying for social security disability. Include any medical prescriptions you have and all of the medical tests you have taken. Include any jobs that you have worked in the past five years. Also, include any information on insurance claims and worker’s compensation claims that you have made.

Fill Out Two Online Forms

The Social Security Administration has an online form, which asks questions that help the administration determine your eligibility. After filling out the Disability Benefit Application, you must fill out the Adult Disability Report, which provides the Social Security Administration with your medical and work history. If you cannot access the Internet, visit the local Social Security office.

Fill Out Authorization To Disclose

Fill out and sign the Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration. You must mail or take this form to your local Social Security office to claim social security disability.

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