How Can I Make Sure My Social Security Disability claim is approved?

Mistakes and mix ups can and do sometimes occur when processing social security disability applications, which is why it is important to take it upon ones self to regularly check the status of social security disability claims made rather than wait for updates from social security administration or representative.

Reasons For Checking The Status Of Social Security Disability Claims

It is important for individuals to check the status of their social security disability claim because unfortunately, sometimes paperwork gets misplaced or lost and mail may not reach in time, leading to an individual’s application being lost in the shuffle or rejected.

How Often To Check

An individual would generally want to check the status of their disability application about once every month. Though there are certain times they may need to check more often. For example, if an individual has just recently submitted information, or is waiting for a decision that is over due, checking every two weeks is probably a good idea. Though it is rare, there are occasions where decisions made are not sent out. Calling the social security office where ones claim was made helps to avoid such situations.

Questions To Ask When Following Up

While the one question an individual may want answered is whether or not their disability claim was approved, other questions to ask that may be useful are: how long do I need to wait and do I need to do anything else. Disability claims are slowed down on many occasions because the social security office is waiting for paperwork. Inquiring if there is anything else one may need to do usually helps speed up the process and also gives the applicant the sense of being in control. Similarly, by asking how long it will take to get a decision on the application can make a world of difference in helping to bring about a feeling of having an end in sight.

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