Can I Collect Social Security Disability If I Own My Own Business?

If you run your own business, you may not know whether or not you can run your own business. Many people who decide to run their own business do not collect social security. Collecting social security benefits is a complicated process. The board that has oversight on the handing out of benefits does not always encourage people to work, even if they can do so. This is, in part, due to the idea that social security benefits are designed to be paid out to people who are advanced in age or cannot work for some other reason. The government deliberately made social security disability benefits hard to get.

Social Security Disability and Work Rules

The work rules for people on social security usually let a person work a certain number of hours per week. If the hours per week exceed the maximum amount the person runs the risk of losing his benefits. While this is problematic, it does not address whether a person can own a business or not. The rules set out for how many hours a person can work do take into account that not everyone gets paid hourly. There is also a set amount of money a person can make.

So, Can I or Can’t I Run A Business On Social Security Disability?

A person on social security disability can run his own side business. He just cannot make more than social security disability allows while doing it. If a business is detailed and demanding, it may cause the social security administration to review his case to see if he still needs the benefits. If the amount he earns remains a small side income, it is less likely he will lose his social security disability benefits. He should report all of his income to the social security administration regardless.

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