Can I Collect My Ex-Husband’s Social Security If He Has Not Remarried?

Divorcing a spouse is not easy, and it is always good to know that you will not come out of it empty-handed. If you have been divorced, and you seek to collect on your ex-husbands social security, you can do so. You can still collect your ex-husband’s social security if has not remarried. A great number of women who get divorced do not seek to find out whether they can collect on their ex-husband’s social security benefits, yet they should do so. Women will get higher benefits based on their ex-husbands work.

Requirements Needed To Get Your Ex-Husbands Social Security

There are many requirements that a one will need to meet when they need to find out whether they can collect their ex-husband’s social security. For one, the marriage needs to have lasted ten years or longer for the benefits to be collected. Furthermore, as the ex-wife, you can only get the benefits if you are unmarried and sixty-two years or older. The benefits that you will be receiving based on your own work needs to be less than the benefits that you will be receiving for your ex-husband’s work. Lastly, your ex-husband needs to be entitled to disability benefits or social security benefits. If your ex-husband has not applied for any benefits, but he is eligible for them, then you can receive benefits for his work if you have been divorced for from him for at least two years.


After meeting all the requirement criteria, you need to apply for the divorced spouse’s benefits in order to receive your ex-husband’s social security benefits. In summary, your ex-husband does not have to be remarried for you to receive his social security benefits, however, as the ex-wife, if you are remarried, then you cannot receive his benefits.

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  1. Linda Atwell-Hahn says:

    My ex husband is 62 years old, and is opted not to collect his social security yet. We were married for 34 years. I am on social security disability, and receiving medicare…and have been since 1994. I am not married, and am 59 years old. We were divorced in 2005. Can I collect any of his social security benefits?

    Thank you. Linda Atwell-Hahn

    • lindacakes says:

      iwas married to my ex for 25 yrs. we have been divorced for 5 yrs. i am 69 and he is 65 and just beginning to recieve his benefits…i am a registered domestic partner. he is not remarried….if my rdp predeceases me, am i eligible for his benefits? if we marry, and are married for 9 mos. and then he predeceases me am i eligible? what percentage? if my ex predeceases me, do i then become eligible for his benefit amt.???? thanks Linda

  2. Norene says:

    I have been married to my husband for about 18 years now. For the last 1-1/2, I have not heard from my husband i.e. no phone call, no letters, no appearances, etc. He worked on his job for about 17 years – but is not working their now. His job sent his retirement papers – spoke to my husband prior to his disappearance and asked if he was going to file for his retirement and he said no. Am I eligible to receive any of his SSI Benefits? Is there a such thing as early early hardship benefits? My husband left me with nothing – I am 53? Thank you.

  3. Beth says:

    My ex-husband of 15 years ago just called and said he needed my ss# and birth date in order to apply for social security benefits I assume disability since he is not 62 yet. He has worked and paid into social security his whole life just as I have. Why would he need my information in order to apply?

  4. angie says:

    I was only married to my ex husband for 5 years but we had two children together. I raised my children by myself until my oldest was 15 then they went to get to know their father for a short time.He didnt pay child support for the first 10 years.The reason for our divorce was due to alcohol and spousal abuse, if not for that I would have stayed with him. I now feel that the laws should be changed for women who have children with these men because although I divorced him after only 5 years I raised his children and so remained connected to him and I never remarried. Anyway wondering how other women feel on this subject?

    • Victoria says:

      I agree! I was married to my exhusband for 3 years commonlaw and 9 years with a license, and we had two children together. We were divorced due to alcohal, drugs and spousal abuse. He was ordered to pay child support and never paid a dime! I had to work two sometimes three jobs to support us without the child support. When we divorced I found out I was pregnant and I had to go through the heartbreak of aborting my child because I could not afford another mouth to feed or pay for the birth. Then 28 years later he passed away while on disability never having to pay the child support. I feel like I should get his social security benefits as payment for the child support I never recieved.

    • Shirley Barnes says:

      I agree with you. I was married for a little over 8 years to a man I had 2 children with. He abused me and my 2 children by my first marriage for the entire time of the marriage and continued on for the next 10 years after the marriage ended. THe misery went far and wide…emotionally damaging all of my children and myself. I am now 63 and took early retirement due to medical problems. The trauma of being the mother of my ex husbands chidren took a terrible tole on me mentally and physically. I deserve to get his social security and the laws should be changed to include the mother of a mans children.

      • Jane Dickens says:

        Does anyone provide answers to these situations? I have always said that it should not matter how long you were married to someone, but if you had children, especially if the ex never paid child support or is behind in child support, social security benefits should be placed in the childrens names should he die. Whoever decided that ten years of marriage, not three, five or seven, justifies social secutiry benefits of an ex, is ridiculous! I was married eight and a half years and he is in arrears of over $40,000. His social security benefits could help my children with their college tuition and perhaps allow him some dignity since he was never there for them in any other way. I would really like to know how to get the amount of years married changed….does anyone know how?

    • Abbie says:

      I am not entirely sure I agree with that. The bigger picture
      Is there are lots of men that do what’s right and women that
      Screw them over. My husband is raising his daughter and his
      Ex of 5 years doesnt do anything to helo but threaten to
      Take her away from him. The little girl is terrified of her mom
      and told her grandpa she wished her mommy liked her. In
      fighting for certain rights you end up screwing over the decent
      guys and while complaining your man diesn’t help, there are
      a LOT of good men that are in the same position you women
      are in. Everybody screams for what is fair for them because
      of th blood and sweat they put out but your not the only one’s
      that do. None of then men ge this respect that women claim they
      deserve. How fair is it to demand what you think you deserve
      and at the same time you screw over the guys that do care.
      Why doesn’t anybody think that the children are worth every
      drop of sweat and blood put into raising them thy even if done without
      the other parent around that child is worthwo much more
      than gettin paid for the time spent on raising them? How would that
      chikd feel knowing that mory was more importan because
      raising them wasn’t good enough?? When will the selfishness stop?
      Be grateful the bastard wasnt in the childs life that way the child
      didn’t get that low life as an influence.

      • Cindy says:

        Excellent response and I am an abused x wife I remarried the second time to a wonderful man that adopted and raised my girls from my 1st husband he has never expected anything in return from the girls me or my x husband. When I left the 1st husband due to alcohol drugs and abuse I made the conscious decision to do it on our own the girls were my god given responsibilty and I would be provided a way. I also forgave my x husband for all tjat happened not only for his sake but for mine I did not want to carry the burden of anger hate and revenge for the rest of my life. Yes absent parents should be held responsible. But if they didn’t handle the responsibility when they were married to you and with your children is it a wise idea to believe they will when divorced. It’s really your choice to chase the impossible or step up to the plate and make the best life u can for your kids without wasting all that emotional energy on the x and what they do or don’t do and what you think they owe you. Just move on and be happy wasn’t that why you divorced them.

  5. Vanessa says:

    I was married to my ex-husband for 18 years, he has been remarried for the last five years. However, I have not remarried. Can I still collect his socail security, although he is remarried?

  6. Lee McNulty says:

    If I apply and collect SSD at the age of 58….can I also apply to collect on my ex husbands SS when I turn 62?

  7. Denis Volk says:

    Wise are those who learn the main point here doesn’t will have to be their top priority.
    Try, try, try, and on trying may be the rule that must be followed to get a specialist in anything.

    • Mary says:

      I have been on disability since 2004. My husband is now on disability. We have been seperated, but are still legally married. Would I receive his benefits if he dies because his is more than mine?

  8. janice m says:

    I was married for 13 years, divorce my husband in 2001 and remarried in 2002. Since then I have divorce and my first husband died in 2011 and he never married again, can I get any of his benefits I am 55 years old

  9. Kathy D says:

    I am 67 and still working. My ex-husband’s SS is considerably more (more than double) what mine would be. I am currently collecting spousal SS on the basis of his SS. But I cannot find him, do not know where he is, whether he has remarried, whether he is living or deceased! – or anything. When I turn 70, I wonder if I can collect on his SS instead of mine, but I don’t know how to find out if he is still living. Where do I start?

  10. SUMMER says:

    Last phase of Divorce..exhusband stipulates in Final Divorce Papers .I will not be ALLOWED to touch/collect his Social Security Benefits. My Question: He is retired from a “Goverment Job”. My research tells me Government workers do not collect SS Benefits.they receive pensions. Maybe I need more clarification.
    Thank You

  11. I have been disable for 12 years but my husband died 2 years ago at age 76 and was drawing his early (age 62 then) social security. I would like to know if I qualify for any of his social security check.
    Thank you very much.

  12. Jacqueline Vincent says:

    I was married to my husband for 10 years. He was on disability. He died about l2 years ago. We were divorced and neither one of us got remarried. Can I get his disability? I’m not working right now and I’m 6l years old

  13. Victoria says:

    Yes you can, go to social security website to find out how. It is my understanding if you were married 10 years or more then at age 60 you can apply then start receiving a percentage of it remarried or not! Good luck!

  14. joy says:

    my husband is married to his first wife but they seperate now almost 10years can my husband remove his wife as a beneficiary?then can i put as a beneficiary even we are not married?

  15. Shari says:

    My mom was married to my dad for 32 yrs. She is currently 80 yrs old and my father is 94 yrs old. Due to cognitive inpairment of my mother she refused her Part B and never applied for Part D. She is now in a nursing home. Can we apply for my fathers benefits for her. Neither parent has ever remarried. My father currently lives in New York and collects Social Security and a government pension. My mother lives in Maryland and is indigent.

  16. me and my husband were separated when my child was two nd half month old. he left me because of his mother now he got re-marriage to another girl and got son from her now my baby was 5years old he is not supporting me with financially from last 5years i am a working women my salary is only 7500/-per month how can i manage how i fulfill my child’s need she started going to school we are living in rented house how wil i survive please tell me how i claim for my childs needs from her father please help me

  17. connie says:

    I have been married for over 30 years and have not seen or hear from my husband for over 7years.I called the Social security office and was told I could not apply for his benefits until he did. But I noticed it stated on one of you viewers that it stated if I was divorced I could. Well If i”am still married can’t I still apply as his wife????? its very confusing…………..

  18. Matt Kincaid says:

    Don’t spend your life (or your retirement) trying to turn a a dollar into $1.10. Build something. Create something thats useful to leave behind. Don’t waste energy trying to get money you didn’t earn. Do something useful and the money will come.

  19. Mary says:

    I have been on s.s. d. since 2004. My husband started on s.s.d. about 2 years ago. If he was to pass away do I receive his full benifit becuase its more than mine. Could live off his benefit, but my benifit is very small?

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