Can A Man Collect His Deceased Wife’s Social Security If He Remarries?

Survivor’s Benefits

The simple answer is that a man can collect his deceased wife’s social security, even if he remarries. This benefit was paid for by the deceased spouse, and someone deserves to collect the full amount. However, if the man remarries before he turns 60 the benefits will be non-existent. The simple reason is that the deceased wife, nor the man will be eligible more social security benefits until they are 60 or older.

Social Security Exceptions

Assuming that the man was married to his wife when she deceased, and he and she are both eligible for social security he will receive the benefits. However, if the man remarries before the required age of 60, he may still be eligible to collect his deceased wife’s benefits. The social security laws suggest that if the man’s second wife dies, or they divorce he may still be eligible to collect his original wife’s benefits. If this scenario comes into play, the social security agency will check to ensure the divorce has been finalized, or the death is official, and the benefits can come in during the same month. Another exception is that disabled widowers are eligible to collect their deceased spouse’s social security benefits upon turning 50 years old. This exception is made because the individual would have about 15 years until their retirement age, and the cost of living would practically put them on the streets due to the lack of income.


Men can collect their deceased wife’s social security as early as age 50, but they typically have to wait until 60. It is also important to note that the benefits may be a lesser amount if they earn a certain amount of other income. The information in the article is from the Social Security Administration.

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