Are SSI Benefits Only Paid To Disabled People?

People with disability often receive payments for SSI. SSI stands for social security income which helps people out on the basis of their need. People who get retirement benefits can get SSI payments as well. Unlike the other program, SSI is available to recipients with limited income who are otherwise eligible for social security benefits. A person getting retirement benefits can apply for the program just a person receiving disability can.

How Does a Person Apply for SSI Benefits?

Provided he meets the first requirement, he simply goes to his local Social Security administration office. The form asks questions about the income. If a person applies for the program as part of a disability application, he will have to provide documentation about his disability as well. A person receiving social security benefits because he or she has reached retirement age simply has to demonstrate that he needs the program. Receiving an SSI check from social security will not affect a person’s eligibility for other programs like Medicare. After he receives the application, it may take several weeks before an applicant receives the review board’s decision.

What Happens If I Get Turned Down For SSI

A social security recipient is not guaranteed SSI benefits. If he makes too much or has too many resources, the government will reject the decision based on need. The applicant can appeal this decision if he believes an error has been made or if his circumstances have changed. The appeals process mirrors the process for getting disability. In most cases where a retiree applies for benefits, it is a simple matter of applying the number. A person with disability applying for social security benefits needs to go through a more complicated process. He must go through all the hoops including several hearings or years of hearings before h gets approved.

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