Are SSA Benefits Only Paid To Disabled People?

SSA benefits are paid out to people who are over the age of 65, or who are disabled, blind and have a very limited income and also have limited income sources. The program exists to provide basic needs such as food, clothing and for those that may have difficulty providing those things for themselves due to limited resources and income.

So Who Qualifies?

Being over the age of 65 is one way that you can qualify for SSA benefits. Another way is to be disabled or blind. Combined with these conditions is an income restriction that must be met. You must not make over a certain amount of money annually to qualify for SSA benefits. Children are also eligible to receive SSA benefits if hey are blind or disabled.

How is a Disability or Blindness Defined?

SSA has a process to determine if you are disabled. Disabilities can range from physical disabilities to mental impairments. Terminal illness is also a qualifying disability for SSA benefits. The disability requirements for SSA benefits can change from year to year. Blindness is defined as having 20/200 vision in your best eye even with corrected measures. You can see a private doctor to determine your disability or see a doctor provided by the Social Security Administration when you apply.

So Who Is Not Eligible for Benefits?

If you are in prison or any correctional institution, you do not qualify for SSA benefits. If you are considered to be a fugitive from justice, you do not qualify to receive SSA benefits.

These benefits are designed to help people that are disabled and those who meet certain income requirements.

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