Am I required to participate in the Social Security program?

The social security trust fund can be identified as a social insurance system that is meant to cover the retired workforce of any given country. However, its responsibilities does not only stop with the retired as the trust fund is also responsible for providing income and other beneficial assistance to other groups such as the workers survivors, the disabled and children of both the disabled and the retired. Below we take a look at how each person benefits from the social security trust fund.

Children And Spouses Cover And Benefits

The children and partners of both retired and disabled workers are entitled to benefit from the workers records for as long as the worker had been working for under a career that was recognized by the social security trust fund. The benefits can be paid in terms of school fees for the children, house rent for the family and any other necessities.
Parents And Divorced Spouses Cover

For the parents of the retired, deceased or disabled worker, the do qualify to be covered by the social security trust fund if they are 62 years older or more. The dependent parents should also be able to provide evidence that the worker used to cater for their support at least half way.

The divorced partner is entitled to be covered and benefit from social security if the is above 59 years of age. The marriage between the two should have lasted for 10 years or more for the partner to also benefit fully from the workers records.

The Disabled Cover Benefit

In order for one to be covered by social security, the disability should render the worker unable to perform any daily task for a time period of 5 months before they start receiving any benefits.

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