Why Should I Get Involved In SeniorCorps?

Senior Corps is a volunteer organization that matches people over age 55 with a host of volunteer work. Senior Corps volunteers work as mentors, community project workers, and act as companions for those in need. Since its inception, the organization has matched hundreds of thousands of volunteers with work opportunities.

Why Join Senior Corps?

It’s simple: Join Senior Corps to make a difference in the world. Volunteers mentor young people and help the elderly and the disabled. As a volunteer, they also earn the chance to feel good about the work they do. They help others to lead more enriched lives. Volunteering is also a good way to meet new people and make friends.

The Foster Grandparents Program

For those who desire to work with children, consider becoming a foster grandparent. The role of a foster grandparent is to assist children in youth facilities. Volunteers help children learn to read, and they also tutor children in various subjects. Volunteers act as role models. They work in schools, pre-kindergarten programs, and other public facilities. Some foster grandparents also receive a tax-free stipend for their volunteer work.

Become a Senior Companion

The purpose of the Senior Companions program is to assist elderly or physically handicapped people in their everyday lives. Senior companions perform care-giving tasks and run errands. Senior companions may also have the opportunity to earn a tax-free stipend during their work hours.

Senior Corps RSVP Program

The RSVP program is designed to give volunteers more freedom to choose where they volunteer. The RSVP program has a listing of thousands of organizations that desire volunteers. Participants may choose where they would like to work and how many hours they would like to dedicate.

Senior Corps is easy to join. E-mail [email protected] or call 1-800-424-8867.

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