Who Does The Grandparent Program Serve?

The children who are helped by this organization may come from families that do not have a large amount of money while some children are from middle class families. Depending on the environment and what is needed for these children will depend on who is being helped by the organization.

Where do grandparent program serve?

The grandparent program serves a number of cities across the United States as well as other countries. The program will most generally be seen in larger cities where there is a higher need of mentors than there is needed in other cities which are smaller and towns where the families are close enough to one another that they are able to help one another. By living in larger cities, there are more children who are in need of guidance. This does not mean that there are smaller towns where children need to be guided but that there is less likely to be children in smaller towns who are not able to get the guidance that they need from family members.

Who benefits from the grandparent program?

The children are not only the ones who benefit from the grandparent program. The seniors also benefit from the program as well. The grandparents who are fostering children are going to benefit from the companionship that they receive from the grandparent program. The children receive the guidance that they need from the foster grandparents and this in turn helps to establish a line of conduct that most children need. For many of these children, they have parents that are either too busy with work or who do not have the means to help the child whereas the foster grandparents do. This in turn makes it so that the parents also benefit from the program as well.

What does the grandparent program do?

The grandparent program helps to make sure that the children are headed down the right path where as before the foster grandparents arrived, the children were not guided either because the parents couldn’t do it or because they are unable to guide the child. The grandparents will help to make sure that the child is doing well in school as well as helping to establish a relationship between the child and the grandparent. Sometimes a child needs to know that there is an adult who is there to help where many under privileged children do not know this.

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