Who Can Volunteer For Seniors?

There is a very easy and obvious answer to the question ‘Who Can Volunteer for Seniors’, with the answer being anybody who has the desire to help others. Individuals and groups from kids to senior citizens can find ways and places to volunteer. Yes, even senior citizens can find ways to give back to their community by helping other seniors.

How Kids Can Volunteer to Help Seniors

There are organizations in every community who are eager to enlist the help of children as volunteers for seniors. An elementary school classroom can ‘adopt a grandparent’ with the help of a local agency such as a nursing home or assisted living facility. Students in the class can write to their ‘adopted grandparent’, make cards for birthdays and holidays or do other things such as finger-painting pictures which lonely seniors would enjoy and perhaps hang in their rooms for other seniors around them to enjoy.

Teens and Seniors Can Volunteer to Help Seniors

In their local community, teenagers and seniors can find ways and places to volunteer to help seniors. This can be done on a one-on-one basis or as a member of a club such as a scout troop, church or community action group. Projects groups often engage in are activities such as doing seasonal yard work, or basic upkeep such as painting and simple repairs for seniors who are no longer physically able to perform these chores around their homes.
An example of a one-on-one way teens and seniors can volunteer to help seniors is by helping a senior citizen to learn to use a computer. Many teens and seniors have the knowledge to help seniors to master basic computer skills so they can communicate with family members and other relatives or friends via email or to use social networking websites.

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