Who Can Become A Senior Companion Volunteer?

Any person, over the age of 55, can join the volunteer senior companion program. When joining the program you will be helping seniors in your community that may not be able to help themselves as much as they would like. These services may include running errands, providing companionship or perhaps preparing a meal or two. Volunteers dedicate about 40 hours a week to the project. Some seniors that meet the income guidelines may also receive a weekly pay for their services. These payments are tax free and will not count against your reportable income.

Where Do I Find Out How To Volunteer For The Senior Companion Program?

Most local charities, such as Catholic Social Services and the YMCA have the information you will need to join the program. These same services often offer the programs through their charity. You can also visit the Senior Corps website. There is a wealth of information there for seniors wishing to volunteer their time. Many of the charities have links posted on this site that will take you right to the application process and you will immediately be able to get the process started.

Will I Be Required To Pay For Insurance – I Am Going Into People’s Homes

When you participate in the senior companion program you will be provided supplemental accident and liability insurance that will cover you only during your volunteer hours. This added benefit is just another reason to lend a hand to the senior companion program. Once you have enrolled and meet the people you will be working with, you will find that the experience is truly rewarding. Volunteering helps communities bind and grow. People that volunteer feel better and live longer. Lasting friendships are created. It is an overall good experience for all parties involved.

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