Who Can Become A Foster Grandparent?

Programs provided by Senior Corps

Senior corps is a government sponsored program, that seniors, people over 55, can join to help others in need. They have programs dedicated to helping the elderly, people with mobility issues and children. The Foster Grandparent program allows seniors to devote time to working with children and provide important guidance. Without adult guidance many of the children do not receive the positive influence an adult mentor can provide.

Qualifications for becoming a Foster Grandparent

People 55 years of age and older are eligible to become Foster Grandparents. Once the application has been submitted, a Senior Corps representative will schedule an interview. The purpose of the interview is to ask questions related to past experience working with children. They may want to know why the interest in becoming a Foster Grandparent. Generally seniors with a genuine interest in helping children are qualified. Senior Corps will perform a background check to determine if there was a past criminal record.

Will there be training

Following approval the Foster Parent will attend an orientation. The person need also attend training classes. Once completed, a person is ready to become a Foster Grandparent and mentor a child.

What are the benefits of being a Foster Grandparent

The Foster Grandparent program benefits both the senior and the child. Children receive the friendship of an adult who can listen or provide needed help with schoolwork. Adult interest in education provides a positive result. It may be a fun activity such as a ball game. A senior involved in the Foster Grandparent program will also receive friendship and the knowledge they are making a difference in the life of a child. Seniors interested should visit the Senior Corps website.

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