Where Can Seniors Volunteer Their Time?

In order to keep physically active and socially involved with community activities, there are numerous places where seniors can volunteer their time. Volunteering is an activity that benefits both the senior volunteer and those who are affected by the generous gift of their time.

Community involvement is one area where seniors can volunteer their time.

Seniors can become senior volunteers their time at the local library. Some libraries have book sales as fund raisers. This is an excellent place to spend some volunteer time. Thrift stores that sale items to raise money for community projects and to support those in need can always use volunteers to help in the store. Hospitals are usually in need of volunteers. Schools can use senior volunteers to help tutor students in reading or possibly help with special needs children.

Seniors can volunteer their time to support a special interest they have

Seniors who have a love for animals can volunteer to assist at a local shelter. They often need people to walk dogs or assist with grooming the animals. Volunteering time at adoption fairs is another way seniors can help. Seniors can volunteer their time by using their talent to support a specific club or group. Baking items for a bake sale or donating hand made crafts for the club to sell at a fundraiser is a very good way for a senior to share their talent while helping others.

Seniors can volunteer their time to assist others on a one to one basis

Volunteering time to visit residents in nursing homes is very rewarding. Seniors can volunteer to serve as visitors to those in their church who are sick or disabled. Churches that offer a food pantry for those in need can use volunteers to help keep the pantry organized and be present to collect donations.

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