Where Can I Find Popular Volunteer Logos?

A person who tries to organize volunteers or even to find more volunteers has a daunting task facing her. Many people do not wish to give up their time for such organizations, although there are always some people who feel the need to give something more back to their communities. An enterprising person might want to build brand recognition and come up with popular volunteer logos. If the individual is not enterprising herself, there are online places where a person can find volunteer logos without having any artistic skills.

Common Organizations

Relief agencies that are not connected to the government may require a user not connected to the organization to have permission to use their logos. Most will grant it without too many problems as long as the logos are used appropriately and to further the goals of the organization. Check the terms for the logo usage before putting it on your bill board. A good place to get popular volunteer logos that anyone can use is from a federal government website. Employees working for the federal government do not create items with copyrights during their work. The Senior Corps logo can be used freely for any purpose, as creations of government workers are automatically placed in the public domain.

Other Places to Find Popular Volunteer Logos

Websites, like worldvolunteer.org, include logos from organizations across the world. An organizer might not find this ideal for encouraging seniors to enroll in community service organizations. If the organizer is just looking for popular volunteer logos, he can simply go to the websites of the organizations that own the logo. A simple letter, phone call or e-mail is often enough to get permission to use a copyrighted or trademarked image. Just remember that even non-profit organizations have a right to protect their intellectual property.

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