What You Need to Know About Funding

Many people reaching retirement age are deciding to redesign themselves with another type of career or non-profit organization. The problem is that they may lack expertise and money to design the type of organization they may wish to move forward with. Senior Corps has helped hundreds of thousands of people 55+ find a new niche for themselves in the area of non-profit organizations.

What Is Senior Corps?

Senior Corps is a non-profit organization that helps those seeking guidance or funding whether secular or religion based. Those who have already succeeded in their own businesses of all types are available to guide an individual through the sometimes difficult red tape. By visiting the following link, anyone can find the tools for making a dream come true.

Be aware that finding the specialists right for you may be only the start. You may also need to seek funding for your new project. By visiting this linkyou will find the information for funding as well. Information about eligibility, funding opportunities, and availability of funds can be found on this site under “For Organizations.” You will also find applications for funds and grants that will be in-line with what you are seeking, whether of individual or organizational interest.

Responsibilities Section

The responsibilities section very specifically designates what your responsibilities will be as well as lender’s interest in the project. These instructions explain the auditing system, as well as the accounting procedures to make sure that financial success is established for your new organization.

If you are interested in a faith-based group then Senior Corps will also help you step by step in establishing non-profit funding as well.
Guidance regulations are also available for equal opportunity and civil rights requirements to make sure your secular or faith-based organization is following current policies in line with funding and grants.

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