What Work Does The Retired And Senior Volunteer Program Do?

Human services

Our society is not able to care for all elderly people. They may need companionship, medical care and help to every day chores like shopping and cooking. Meals on wheels program is one of these programs to depend on volunteers to deliver meals. Elderly people programs are in the first place on many retired and senior volunteer programs. But children are as important and in need also, so there are educational programs like mentoring and programs to relief in poverty where children live. One such program is foster grandparent program. Many of these programs are organized by national, government backed and local agencies.


Charities often come from private organizations, but they may in some cases have public funds to do the work they were created for. The field of charity can encompass all human services and anything human being may need to get help to live like clothing: goodwill stores, meals and shelters for homeless people etc. Medicine and doctors are also provided for the needy. Doctors also support retired and senior volunteer programs and work as volunteers.

Environmental protection and natural disasters

The Gulf oil disaster uses volunteers to clean shores from oil. And the Haiti earthquake used many volunteers in the catastrophe the earthquake created. Even without any catastrophe there is a need to preserve our environment, which requires volunteers. Most often retired and senior volunteer programs are created for disasters, when a disaster strikes.

Other programs

There are some other programs to serve some higher principles like helping in developing countries for example “Service Volontaire International”. (It could also be considered a charity.) These programs too take retired and senior volunteers.

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