What Skills Do I Need For The Retired Senior Volunteer Program RSVP?

The retired senior volunteer program RSVP program is a network of retired and senior individuals who want to work as volunteers in organizations that have community service programs as volunteers. With over 500,000 members countrywide, the retired senior volunteer program RSVP program registers senior members of the society and then links individuals with these organizations where whatever service one is able to do find an appropriate task they can perform.

Do you need skills?

The simple answer to that question is yes. No matter what sector you are to work in/with, there is a level of skill that is required for you to work there. The advantage of being a senior member of the society is that chances are very high you are skilled in probably more than one thing. The only thing that needs refining is how you will fit into a particular organization’s community service program. It is of great advantage if you have a skill in a particular field and are good at. For example if you are to become a volunteer nurse, it is almost impossible to train an individual from scratch how to take care of needy patients. So what if you do not have any skill? Well, worry not.

Pre-service orientation

Whenever there is a pre-service orientation and an organization you have been selected to work with discovers you are not skilled enough to do the service you volunteered for, you are simply put in a training program by that organization.  Retired senior volunteer program RSVP is no different.  This applies to services that do not require much, if any, professional skill. For example, if you are to volunteer as a community child educator for your local community, all you will be required to learn are the basics on how to handle and treat children, and the most effective ways to teach them. Once you are sufficiently trained, you are allowed to go and pass on your skill and wisdom to the society.

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