What Services Does National Community Services Provide?

National Community Services are governmental and private organizations that give all members of the American society, including seniors, the opportunity and ability to offer their communities services needed to improve the quality of life of others. The Corporation for National & Community Service has a number of programs that senior citizens – members of the community over 55 – a chance to serve their local communities in many different ways. All these programs are divided into three major categories:

Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

This is the largest volunteer network in America which gives individuals who have a lifetime of experience a chance to serve in the communities they belong to. These individuals are invited to serve where and for whom they want to work for. Senior citizens are given a chance to choose corporations and other organizations that have community programs and what sector they are interested in, then they are trained briefly before getting the chance to work in the community. Those who qualify to offer this service have an insurance cover while on duty. RSVP programs benefit the society, the individual and the organization.

Senior Companions

These are individuals who are over 55 and want to help a frail person stay in their own home. Senior companions help families who want to run other errands, give time off to professional companions and offer their friendship to a needy person. Some senior companions even earn a small tax-free income and they serve up to 40 hours a week.

Foster grandparents

National Community Services train foster grandparents who tutor, mentor and help children to read as they develop and mould their futures. With a host of experience and knowledge, foster grandparents provide an excellent opportunity for children to learn from minds and individuals that have enough knowledge and experience. Some foster grandparents also qualify to earn a small tax-free income and they work up to 40 hours a week.

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