What Is The Senior Volunteer Services Advisory Council?

The mission of the Senior Volunteer Services Advisory Council is to act as a coordinating facility which brings together senior volunteers and community organizations in need their services.

How the Senior Volunteer Services Advisory Council began

The senior volunteer services advisory council began during the administration of President John F. Kennedy who desired to create an opportunity where senior volunteers could render assistance in their local community by sharing their experience, talents and time with others. President Kennedy’s idea was to use the Peace Corps as a pattern. Lyndon Johnson continued this dream with the help of Congress in the passage of the Equal Opportunities Act of 1964 which gave birth to Volunteers in Service of America.

RSVP – The Main Arm of The Senior Volunteer Services Advisory Council

RSVP or Retired Senior Volunteer Program stemming from the campaign to combat the ‘War on Poverty’ is an outgrowth of the Older Americans Act of 1965 and the Domestic Volunteer Services Act of 1973. RSVP offers persons age 55 and older the opportunity to serve their local community and ultimately their country as well. Volunteers are provided with an orientation program and training provided by the organization for which they choose to volunteer. They are also offered supplemental insurance which protects them during their volunteer on-duty time.

Programs Administered by The Senior Volunteer Services Advisory Council

The Senior Volunteer Services Council oversees programs which not only offer and provide services to senior citizens but to young people in local communities as well. The Foster Grandparents Program has a name which speaks for itself. The Dropout Prevention Program gives seniors the opportunity to provide academic assistance and encouragement to teenagers.

Senior Companion and Caregiver Respite are two programs which offer senior volunteers the opportunity to spend time with other seniors and ‘shut-ins’.

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