What Is The National Senior Service Corp?

What is the National Service Senior Corps?

The National Service Senior Corps is part of an independent federal national and community service program intended to connect seniors to volunteer jobs. They connect seniors in three main ways.

The Foster Grandparent Program

What is the National Service Senior Corps Foster Grandparent program? This program connects seniors to some of the neediest children in America. The program is similar to the Foster parent program except that the grandparent program focuses greatly on many different kinds of support instead of just foster parenting. For example they can aid by doing small things like giving some financial assistance and other kinds of practical support or they can act as mentors to children.

Senior Companion Program

What is the National Service Senior Corps Senior Companion Program? This program connects seniors with others in their community that have difficulty with practical tasks. Other seniors and disabled individuals often need help to do simple tasks that are easy for everyone else. A senior companion may take out the trash, go shopping for groceries, or just spend some time with the individual they are assisting.


What is the National Service Senior Corps RSVP program? This program helps seniors to connect with various programs within their company that have relevance to that seniors special set of skills. For example some seniors might be retired from the medical community and are qualified to help take blood at a blood drive some other seniors that used to work in executive positions during their careers can offer their expertise and counsel to non-profit organizations that would benefit from their experience. This is the broadest category of the National Service Senior Corps.

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