What Is The Meaning Of The RSVP Logo?

Anyone who has received an invitation to a party or en event has seen the letters RSVP written across the bottom. Sometimes they are scrawled hastily in someone’s barely legible handwriting, and other times they are in an innate font. Wedding invitations and other items almost always have these on the card. If you have been in a public library or building, you may have seen the letters on an ad for Senior Corps or other volunteer work.

The Meaning of the RSVP Logo

The meaning of the RSVP logo is the same that it means on the cards, but the full meaning goes a little bit deeper than that. The logo serves as a call to action. The Senior Corps web site calls RSVP America’s largest volunteer network for people age 55 and over. The network lets volunteers choose how and where they want to serve, although this is not usually a problem for most community service agencies. RSVP makes people who are part of the network aware of opportunities for community service in the areas they want to serve.

What Else Does the RSVP Logo Mean?

The RSVP logo is a simple idea that lets people decide how they want to volunteer their time and efforts. It also give agencies a list of people who might have skills that they need but cannot necessarily afford to pay for. The RSVP logo meaning applies to both agencies trying to find people willing to donate their time and effort and the people who have the skills to donate. If you see the RSVP logo, you know that if you are over 55 you can go to the agency and see what they can do for you and what you can do for them. You will also get to meet new people if that is what interests you.

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