What Is The Foster Grandparent Program And What Do I Need To Do?

For children who are not around their grandparents each day of the year and for children who are under privileged, the Foster grandparent program will allow the children to receive love, respect and time from older adults who have plenty of time on their hands. The program is designed to be used by adults who are over the age of 55 which makes them the age of typical everyday grandparents. The grandparents will do things with the children which grandparents normally do. This is ideal for those children who either have lost grandparents at an early age or who do not have contact with their grandparents except for phone calls because the grandparents live so far away.

What are the foster grandparents?

If you are a foster grandparent, then you will be looked upon as a role model for younger children and may even be seen as a mentor to many children. Not only will you be the role model or mentor but will also be looked upon as a friend to these children. The foster grandparents are going to help the children with everyday activities such as learning to read and will provide tutoring for those who are doing poorly in school. You will be responsible for guiding these children during a very important time of their life by providing them with the support needed for school and by comforting them in a time of need as well. This will help to ensure that the child is headed in the right direction in life.

Amount of Time needed?

For foster grandparents, you will be able to give up to 40 hours each week which will be spent between the children who you are volunteering to be a grandparent to. For some of the foster grandparents you will be able to earn tax credits which will be just one of the positive reasons to be a foster grandparent.

What is required to be a foster grandparent?

When you are signing up to become foster grandparents, you will be asked to complete the pre service orientation which is designed to walk you through what your job requirements will be. You will also receive training to help you become a great foster grandparent where you will be serving and will also receive a supplement insurance policy for accidents and liability while you are on the clock for volunteering to be a foster grandparent.

Who Is being helped my foster grandparent?

What you need to keep in mind when you are volunteering is that you are not only helping these children by becoming a grandparent to them but you are also helping yourself. The satisfaction from becoming a grandparent to a child who is in need of guidance is just one positive reinforcement for becoming a foster grandparent. This will lead to being a positive new discovery for both you and the child.

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