What Is The Corporation For National Service?

Just What Is The Corporation For National Service?

The corporation is an independent government agency. The agencies focus is responsibility, service, and citizenship. Among the top programs are Americorps, Learn and Serve America, and Senior Corps. Programs are designed to help alleviate poverty, to educate, help the environment, and address other unmet human needs. What Is The Corporation For National Service among others things, help train volunteers in the service of helping others in need.

Senior Citizen Contributions

Senior citizens have given back more to society than they have taken. The experience and knowledge they have acquired has made their contributions invaluable. Most have discovered fulfillment, and gratification in their new contributions to the world. What Is The Corporation For National Service is defined by senior citizens.

Giving Back, The Senior Way

Seniors occupy a large portion of the volunteers, answering the question What Is The Corporation For National Service. Some are senior companions to those who need assistance with daily living. The companion helps out with shopping, doctor appointments, light housekeeping or just a friendly visit. A foster grandparent is paired up with children who have special needs. Some seniors become mentors and educators. Seniors are placed by the experience and ability each one possesses as well as by their desire to help make the world a better place.

Life After Senior Citizenship

What Is The Corporation For National Service in part, is answered by many seniors as being reborn. Seniors discover they still have valuable gifts to give society, and it gives them great pleasure to do so. Seniors have taught society that being a senior citizen has its own unique rewards.

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