What Is Senior Corps?

The citizens in the 55 and over age group that desire to make a real difference in the world can join together to make needed change with Senior Corps. Their wide range of lifetime experiences are put to good use along with their unique talents and expertise. They can help the nation while enriching their golden years at the same time.

What Does Senior Corps Do?

The organization helps senior citizens in their late fifties find organizations that need them the most. They are dedicated to helping these well experienced people become mentors, coaches, and companions for people that are in need. They can contribute their acquired job skills and expertise via community based projects and organizations.

How Did Senior Corps Start?

The Senior corps program was conceived during the presidency of John F. Kennedy. Currently it links more than half a million Americans to various service opportunities. The contribution of their skills, knowledge, and lifetime experience make a real lasting difference to people all across the nation. This includes individuals, non-profits, faith-based, and other community organizations throughout the country.

What Areas Does Senior Corps Cover?

The Senior Corps has many venues for the average senior to get involved. All volunteers will receive the guidance and necessary training to make contributions suited to their talents, abilities, and general interests. The most cited programs are the foster grandparent program, the senior companion program, and the RSVP.

Foster Grandparent Program

The Foster Grandparent Program connects volunteers with children and young people in general that have special needs. They provide support as mentors and aid some of the most vulnerable and in need children in the country.

Senior Companion Program

The Senior Companion Program helps volunteers locate other adults in their community who have difficulty with daily tasks of living. Companions in this volunteer program help out people on a personal level via assisting with their needs. This includes shopping, light chores, doctor visits, and most importantly of all they simply socialize with them.

RSVP Program

The RSVP works to connect volunteers with service opportunities available within their own community. These opportunities will match both their skills and available time. These opportunities may vary from building house to immunizing children. There are also ample opportunities for the enhancement of local non-profit organizations that focus on protecting the environment.

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