What Information Does The SeniorCorps Site Provide?

For seniors wishing to volunteer

The SeniorCorps Site offers citizens over 55 the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with individuals, organizations, and young people across the country. Seniors can find information on each program, the SeniorCorps Mission, and a search for volunteer opportunities in their local community. Volunteer eligibility requirements can be found by clicking each program title on the main page. The site outlines benefits for volunteers which can include stipends and insurance. In addition to the program details and background information the site provides a search function and contact information for seniors who are ready to get involved.

For Organizations seeking SeniorCorps volunteers

The SeniorCorps Site provides useful funding information, forms, training and best practices for effectively utilizing the volunteers time and skill set. The site breaks down organization information by type for ease of use and provides helpful links to other resources. Faith based and Native American Organizations have individual sections. The VolunteerMatch organization has partnered with SeniorCorps to assist other groups in finding the right volunteers for their specific opportnities.

For individuals wishing to find other volunteer opportunities

The SeniorCorps Site provides links to other National Service Websites including AmeriCorps and NationalService.gov. These sites provide information on volunteer opportunities that fall outside the scope of SeniorCorps.

Not sure if SeniorCorps is right for you?

Current volunteers share their stories of service and background information to inspire others to serve their community and country. A wealth of information is provided for each program. Current programs include Foster Grandparents, Senior Companions, and for those wishing to share their experience with organizations and businesses, the RSVP Program.

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