What Information Does SeniorCorps.gov provide?

Services seniors can provide

The seniorcorps.gov website provides information about a government sponsored program for people over the age of 55 with a desire to help less fortunate people. The organization provides programs for helping elderly, people with special needs and youth without the benefits of an adult presence in their lives. It is a voluntary program. People interested in helping others may review information on the website to determine a program where they can help.

Different programs provided

Information about important programs is available on the Seniorcorps.gov website. The Senior Companion Program is structured to help seniors and people caring for elderly and need assistance. Companions are volunteers who help people in need of a friend. It may be a person who cannot get around because of mobility issues. It may be a person providing care needing time to run errands. Foster Grand Parenting is a program for youth greatly in need of guidance from and adult mentor. Many children suffer without adult guidance and may be led into wrong directions. A foster grand parent can provide the necessary guidance. The RSVP program is a link connecting a senior volunteer to a local program. It connects people where they are most needed.

Benefits for senior volunteers

Seniors interested in helping may read about the programs in greater detail from the Seniorcorps.gov website. The program makes a dramatic impact on those in need and the people who help them. People interested in providing this valuable service can visit the website and see the impact it has had on the community. The program not only changes the lives of people in need, it also changes the lives of those volunteering.

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