What Fun Things Can A Senior Companion Do?

A senior companion can do many things for her client that he cannot do for himself like pick out his clothes and hold him by the elbow as they take their walk. Companionship includes many duties that are commonly performed by a loving spouse taking care of her spouse.

What Duties Does A Companion Do That Are Like Duties Performed By Loving Married Couples?

A senior companion can take her meals with her client. She can prepare his meals or see to it that they are properly made and served. Such a companion can also assist her client while he is eating and give her client something to do like listening to her chatter about some situation of a personal nature to her which would be of interest to her client. Or, she can see if her client is feeling talkative and let him express himself while he eats, which by the way, also helps the digestive process.

A Senior Companion Can Entertain Her Client’s Mind

Keeping a senior’s mind alert and focused is very important to his over all health. Reading aloud to her client would give the senior companion the chance to entertain her client and possibly awaken his thought processes as he follows the story. Aside from reading, a senior companion can play checkers or cards with her client and keep score. Such activities are always a part of a normal person’s existence and the client with a senior companion would soon feel as if he were with a friend.

A Senior Companion Can Perform Duties That Might Be Considered Secretarial

A senior companion can take incoming phone calls for her client or make calls to friends and family at the request of her client. A senior companion can write letters to her client’s friends and family or send them cards at the request and dictation of her client.

There are many things that a senior companion can do for her client including watching television or listening to talk radio and keeping abreast of the world’s affairs with her client.

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