What Cost Reimbursements Are Provided To A RSVP Volunteer?

With RSVP volunteers logging millions of hours in free volunteer service, it is natural to question whether the individual RSVP volunteer is giving too much. The long and short answer is probably not. First of all, RSVP volunteers can get reimbursed for job-related costs. Second of all, job satisfaction is very high which is why so many seniors jump at the chance to be a RSVP volunteer. Their recruitment level is currently running about 500,000 volunteers: an impressive showing for a program that cannot pay its participants.

No Stipend Yet

While Foster Grandparents and Homebound Companions can qualify for a tax-free stipend, RSVP does not offer stipends at this time.

RSVP Volunteer Reimbursement Categories

The main reimbursement categories are transportation costs and the cost of meals taken during assignments. This is similar to the way paid staffers get their costs reimbursed. It helps take the financial burden off of retirees.

RSVP Volunteer Job Satisfaction

RSVP volunteers report a high level of job satisfaction. They love being part of the workforce again and feel a renewed sense of self-worth. They also make new friends and discover new interests. Studies show that RSVP volunteers also feel healthier than they did before the volunteering. RSVP volunteers often receive the admiration of the public that they serve. This is an especially up-lifting part of the job.

Surprising Side Benefits

Each volunteer receives training from the agency where they are placed. This and the on-the-job training are valuable and sometimes lead to the retiree re-entering the workforce or taking a second job related to their new knowledge base. Where applicable, RSVP retirees are given on-the-job accident, personal liability and excess automobile insurance.

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  1. Judith Rubin says:

    I am a volunteer with CSCS- Council of Senior Centers and Services of NYC in the Bill Payer Program. Am I entitled to reimubursement for transportation and costs incurred for mailing required reports to the agency?
    Thank you.

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