What Are The Objectives Of A Volunteer Service Program?

What Do Volunteers Do?

Often times, a volunteer service program is there to serve a need that has not been met. Whether it is that they are helping seniors with meals and recreational activities or they are doing park clean up on the weekends. They are performing acts that need to be completed that people are not paid to do. They do these things because they genuinely care and want to improve the quality of the lives of others or the area that they are living in.

What are Popular Volunteer Services?

In most cases, the two most popular volunteer service programs are for seniors and for under privileged kids that often have single parents. There are always people that are paid to help them, but in the case of seniors, it is often to provide medical attention, make meals and administer medicines. The objective of volunteer services are to provide entertainment and companionship for those that may not have many visitors or family available to come over and visit for a few hours. Providing services like reading to those that have trouble seeing, providing bingo games or dancing nights so that seniors can interact and socialize with each other is very important.

How Do Volunteer Services Help Kids?

The other most popular volunteer service program is Big Brothers, Big Sisters, whose objective is to help children that come from single parent homes. They take the kids out for activities while their parents are at work or fulfilling other duties that they might not have time to do otherwise. They teach kids life lessons and also help them in weak areas like math or science when they are struggling. Most importantly, they give them a friend.

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