What Are The Benefits Of Seniors Volunteering?


One of the benefits of volunteering is that seniors pass on knowledge and encourage those younger or less experienced than themselves. By volunteering they are allowed to share their story with others, often fulfilling their need to share their experiences. Volunteering also allows those who have few or no children to enjoy the company of others. Often creating bonds of lasting friendship.

Self preservation

Volunteer opportunities give seniors the outlet they need to continue to be useful to their communities.
Volunteering offers many seniors a chance to focus on their dreams and do things other than the job they have been doing for years. Some training may be involved, however many seniors have various skills that are less seem today. Sewing, gardening, fishing and many crafts benefit the community each time they are taught to a new generation.


Volunteering allows seniors to widen their scope of things to do.
“The benefits of volunteering were that my mother found a reason to get out of bed each morning rather than isolate herself from the world.This small contribution of her time eased the pain of losing many of her closet friends” says Ann the forty year old daughter of a senior volunteer.

Love in deed

As many advance in years they may question their faith in God and humanity.

Volunteering allows senior that have served God all of their lives to find continued pleasure knowing their love for God will be passed on. Many seniors find ministries that need volunteers who bring along compassion with their time.There are many benefits to volunteering for seniors but the joy they give is the most noticeable benefit of all.

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