Tools, Training, and Information

An individual who works for a community service organization knows how difficult it can be. Finding the right tools, training, and information can take time. The tools might come from members of the community or individuals looking for a tax-write off. Information can come from a variety of sources: the local library, the Internet, or even the local newspaper with its declining circulation. The busy person who wants to find the information all in one place probably should start with the Internet.


However, the Senior Corps site provides the links a manager of a community service organization needs to find out about tools, training and information options both at the national and local levels. Please click here for more details No one expects a volunteer to go through the same level of training, unless a volunteer decides to join a small town fire company. Unless a person volunteers for a simple task such as working a food bank or helping Habitat for Humanity build a house, he or she may require additional education to carry out the needed task.


What a member of a service organization may not know is what type of instruction is needed, if any certifications or needed, or if there are any local business willing to provide the training, tools and information to service organizations. If such people or organizations are not available, the Senior Corps movement can help an organizer develop these programs for their own organization.

The desire to increase the level of community service is a noble one, but it is not always an easy one to achieve. If a person finds himself in a position of needing more information than he has, he should consult people or an organization that specializes in providing what he or she needs. This is true in volunteerism, in business, and in our hobbies.

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