Senior Corps Programs

If you are age 55 and over then chances are good that the Senior Corps Programs has something to offer you. During the last 40 years the program has connected more than 500,000 Americans who have helped in their communities. There are three different programs: the Foster Grandparent Program, the Senior Companion Program, and the RSVP program.

Foster Grandparent Program

The first, the Foster Grandparent Program, is an exceptional program that connects the volunteer to work with and to help young people with exceptional needs. The volunteer needs to act in a variety of roles. It is important for the person to act as a role model, a mentor, and, most importantly, a friend. If you choose to volunteer in this program you might work in a faith based center, schools, Head Start Centers, or other youth facilities. You will not only be the child’s friend but you might teach them to read, or provide tutoring. You will be working with a child during a critical time in his/her life – a time when you can offer love and comfort that will help the child step out into the world in a more positive way.

Senior Companion Program

If you would prefer to work with adults there is the Senior Companion Program. You will volunteer to work with adults who need help with simple tasks in their daily lives. You will be helping an adult to remain independent and stay living in their own home. You might be giving the professional care providers, or family members, some time off. You might find yourself running errands. Or, you might sit with the person, be a friend, and have a cup of coffee. When you volunteer for this position you will also help to control health care and their rising costs.

Retired Seniors Volunteer Program

The RSVP program allows you to put your talents and your skills you have learned through the years by working on tough issues in your community. In this program you will work in a local or national organization. It is your choice and your decision as to where you will serve. You also determine how much time you want to volunteer each week. Although your skills and talents can be used you can also choose to develop new ones. You have the choice to find the right opportunity – the one that matches you best. The RSVP program offers you pre-service orientation. You also receive training from the organization where you will volunteer as well as supplemental insurance while you are volunteering.

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