Senior Corps Information

The Senior Corps offers volunteer opportunities and services to people who are 55 years of age and older. The program consists of three main parts. The RSVP program, the Foster Grandparent program and the Senior Companion program. Each arm has its own goals and services. All three programs are administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

RSVP Program

Members of the RSVP program help with local clean ups, providing education for children and adults in challenging situations, and help local law enforcement with safety patrols. RSVP works well for those seniors who want to stay active.

Foster Grandparent Program

As the name suggests, the Foster Grandparent program gives people over 55 who have the time and love children the chance to work with children. Volunteers can serve as a mentor, or volunteers can take a more active role.

Senior Companion Program

The Senior Companion program works a little bit differently. Instead of relying on people who are 55 or older, this part of Senior Corps recruits younger individuals to spend time with senior citizens in need of companionship. Members of the Senior Companion program spend their time in nursing homes and other facilities offering their time to combat the loneliness that often comes with getting older.

A person who wants to find out more about Senior Corps can visit their website dial 800-424-8867. Retirement does not have to mean giving up on work entirely. If a retiree wants to look for something to do and does not necessarily need a part-time job to meet his or her income needs, Senior Corps might provide the opportunity he or she needs to keep his skills sharp. Local Areas on Agency may help clients locate volunteer opportunities in the areas that a local area agency on aging serves. If nothing else works, all an interested party has to do is look for the Senior Corps logo.

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