Senior Corps In Texas

There are more than 25,000 people presently contributing their talents, as well as their time, in one of the programs operated by Senior Corps in Texas. You can choose to become a Foster Grandparent, a Senior Companion, or work with the RSVP program. Each program offers help to the people who need assistance in Texas.

Foster Grandparent

If you choose to become a Foster Grandparent you will be going to a school or some other facility where you will tutor and mentor one of the more than 9700 children who have special needs. Aside from helping the children with their school work you will also offer a child your friendship. This bonding will help the child to take a more firm step out into the world.

Senior Companion Program

The Senior Companions program is another way to help people in your community who are home bound. You might relieve the professional care providers, or family members, so they can have a break. You will offer the person you work with your hand in friendship. Sometimes you might just sit and have a cup of coffee. Whatever you do you are making their life more pleasant and enjoyable.


The other program, the RSVP, is an exciting program that allows you to use your personal skills and abilities. In most cases you also learn new skills. As an RSVP member you volunteer to work with safety patrols for the police department. You might work in an environmental project, work with youth by tutoring or mentoring them, or help when there is a natural disaster in your area. Other services are also provided to the more than 3100 groups throughout Texas.

Becoming a member of the Senior Corps in Texas is a great way to give back to your community.

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