Senior Corps In New York

Senior Corps of New York is a volunteering program for people over the age of fifty-five. It is a federally sponsored program that volunteers over 55 can join to help others in need. There are programs dedicated to helping the elderly, people with mobility issues and children. The Corps offer a wide-range of opportunities for the Baby Boom generation to help the next generations along through many avenues of trained, volunteer service.


The New York Senior Corps includes almost 80,000 volunteers, fifty-five and up, of all backgrounds that are facilitating local needs, strengthen communities, and increase civic involvement through many national service projects throughout New York. This year, the Corporation for National and Community Service will dedicate more than $63,000,000 to support New York communities through three national service enterprises:

The Foster Grandparent Program

Connects volunteers with children and teens with special needs.

The Senior Companion Program

Volunteers help adults who have difficulty with the simple tasks of day-to-day living.


Connects volunteers with needs such as building houses, immunizing children, to protecting the environment. Service Corps volunteers are enabled to use their particular life skills to help others in need as well as improving local communities.

Senior Corps is an organization that specializes in connecting New York seniors with volunteer opportunities in their communities which are well-suited for their personal interests and abilities. The organization offers coaching to guarantee that each of their senior volunteers are qualified for their roles. Senior Corps is a network of programs that tap the experience, skills and talents of older citizens to meet community challenges. Retired and Senior Volunteers provide a variety of services that range from leading local museum tours to teaching adult education computer classes. Senior corps is all ages and works about one day a week in the summer!

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