Senior Corps In New Hampshire

Volunteers helping others have always been a cornerstone of our nation. They encompass various educational backgrounds, strengths, and experiences. 4,900 individuals in New Hampshire have found out that what they have to offer is invaluable.


The Corporation for National and Community Service will provide $6,5000,000 this year to help maintain New Hampshire communities by supporting organizations and programs that are involved with rebuilding damaged homes, helping foster grandparents, mentoring and tutoring children, helping the environment recover from natural disasters, assisting in organizing after-school programs, and so much more.

What Does Senior Corps Do?

The 880 volunteers in Americorps help fulfill the needs of children, adults and the environment with their work in health, community, the economy and education. Most of their funding is received from grants awarded to Volunteer NH! These funds are then dispersed to local organizations in need of aid. The remaining money is awarded to various states and nationwide organizations. Projects that are funded by this grant money include: health services, literacy education to help fight poverty, and establishing new businesses. Men and women between the ages of 18 and 24 who commit themselves to a 10-month, residential program with the National Civilian Community Corps receive money to help with their higher education expenses.

How Can I Help?

Senior Corps volunteers, totaling 3600 individuals in New Hampshire alone, can choose to become foster grandparents to children with special needs, assist home bound individuals, or help in revitalizing their community and environment after a natural disaster strikes.

Helping Children

Learn and Serve America involves more than 390 New Hampshire students in community service that engages them in activities that help others while enhancing their own sense of citizenship. This is accomplished with grant money provided to schools and nonprofit organizations.

Though these programs are designed to help others, the volunteers ultimately experience as many positive benefits as those they help.

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